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Welcome to OrigamiBracelet.com!

Here you will find unique, and custom jewlery that is complely hand crafted out of United States currency.

Each piece will definitely get attention, and any one is a perfect gift for any occasion! Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Sweetest Day, or any other reason, an Origami Bracelet would be the perfect gift. These items also make great tips! Give one to a waitress, a hostess, or anyone else you would tip, and you'll definitely receive a positive reaction!

Please visit our About Us page for instructions before ordering.

Be sure to visit our Gallery page, as well as our Catalog, both the Bracelet Catalog Page, and the Other Items Catalog Page, as more items are in the process of being added all the time!

If you prefer your jewelry to be made out of the currency of another nation, please refer to our contact page, and email your request.

The Origami Bracelet is a patented item, and registered with the United States Patent Office.


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